Whakawaha te riri! Game on for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

04 September 2018

Hīkina te mānuka! Take up the challenge and use te reo Māori.

  • Te wiki 2018

Celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo 10–16 Mahuru (September) 2018

On at UC Puna | UC Library

Kia Kaha Te Āki Reo Māori – Māori language storytime on Level 4 of Te Puna Mātauraka o Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha (Central Library) - dates and times on Facebook event page

Kia Kaha Te Kimi Kupu Māori – Games (Scrabble, Word Finds, Wharewhare (Bingo), Mū Tōrere and more) will be set up in the library - more information on Facebook event page

Kia Kaha Te Mahi Māori – Māori cultural activity stations will be set up - details on Facebook event page

Kia Kaha Te Whakaatu Kaupapa Māori – Follow the Māori Collection book trail in Puaka-James Hight


UC Calendar of Events

Rāhina – Monday
10 September
Rātū – Tuesday
11 September
Rāapa – Wednesday
12 September
Rāpare – Thursday
13 September
Rāmere – Friday
14 September

Opening ceremony

When: 9.30am
Where: Te Puna
Mātauraka o Waitaha
(Central Library)


Te Akatoki

Academic panel -
Ask a Māori
Where: Undercroft


Rautaki reo Māori

Take your reo to the next
level… Develop your own
language plan
When: 11am – 12pm
Where: Room 208, Te Ao Mārama

KUTT Session

Fitness session
1pm - 2pm
Where: Te Whare o Te Akatoki


Te Akatoki

Free language lesson
When: 12pm - 12:30pm
Where: Undercroft



Kōrero by UC Masters
of Te reo students

When: 10am - 12pm
Where: Aotahi Foyer



Café Reo

When: 2pm
Where: Aotahi Foyer

on campus

When: Lunchtime
Where: Outside Northern Arts lecture theatre

Kōrero by UC Masters
of Te reo students

When: 2pm - 4pm
Where: Aotahi Foyer




Te Akatoki

Free Te reo lesson
When: 12pm – 12:30pm
Where: Undercroft


Te Akatoki

Free language lesson
When: 12pm - 12:30pm
Where: Undercroft


Te Akatoki

Workshops - poi, titiroria, tirakau, reo
Where: Undercroft


Rautaki reo Māori

Take your reo to the next
level… Develop your own
language plan
When: 3pm – 4pm
Where: Room 208, Te Ao Mārama




UC - On all Week

Free UC Te Reo resource pack

Available for all staff and students to collect from 10
September 2018. Please call into the Māori Development
Team Reception, Te Ao Mārama building, Arts Road, Ilam
Campus, to collect a pack.


Check out the UC Māori, Study at
Aotahi and Te Akatoki Māori Students'
Association Facebook pages for more
Te Wiki information and competitions.

UBS Book shop

Purchase any Māori book
from UBS in the month of
September and you could
win an amazing prize pack.

Te Reo on LEARN 

Check out the new online LEARN page for staff & students
at UC that provides Te Reo Resources and support.



te wiki blogs

Check out the Insider's guide blog 

 Kāwhe - 50% off coffee

for those who order their coffee in te reo
māori at the following UCSA cafés
• Monday 10 @Café 1894
• Tuesday 11 @Chiltons
• Wednesday 12 @Shilling Club
• Thursday 13 @Collective
• Friday 14 @Nuts and Bolts 

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Phone: +64 3 369 4888
Email: library@canterbury.ac.nz
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gradfest spring 2018

Gradfest Spring 2018

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