Image of the Week: 6 - 12 August

06 August 2018

Uni is a fun ride!

  • image of the week 6 Aug 2018

    The Helen Connon Hall – Bishop Julius Hall bathmat, 1942. Margaret Wigley photograph album 1943-1945 (MB1698, Ref 26905). Macmillan Brown Library, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Helen Connon Hall residents attend the annual ‘Bathmat’ race in 1942. ‘Bathmat’, named after the trophy awarded, was a cross-country race around the base of the Port Hills between Helen Connon Hall and Bishop Julius Hall.

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image of the week 13 aug 2013

image of the week 13 Aug 2018

You can always bet that it will be a good family photo if you include a puppy, kitten and a lamb!

JMB in Japan exhibition 2018

JMB in Japan exhibition 2018

Get a unique glimpse of Japan in our exhibition in the Central Library