Image of the week: 20 February - 26 February

20 February 2017

147704 - Imported from Library News system
147704 The Sign of the Kiwi, and its Café was restored to its former glory and opened for business recently. It was built as a tearoom and a rest house by Harry Ell in 1916. He was once the Christchurch City Councillor and has this wonderful vision that all parts of Port Hills should be accessible by public. This iconic landmark was designed by Samuel Hurst Seager. He was renowned for his work as a town planner and well respected on the lighting in arts galleries. Macmillan Brown Library holds some of his architectural drawings, manuscripts and published materials. Image Credit: Plate 0282 - Sign of the Kiwi, n.d., Noel Habgood photographs (MB1276, Ref 147704). Macmillan Brown Library, Christchurch, New Zealand.