Image of the week: 29th February - 6th March

29 February 2016

MB_1051_17088_DiggingFoundations - Imported from Library News system
LOTS of remediation and exciting building projects are happening on campus at the moment, check out this link to preview the million-dollar makeover of UC. Back in 1908, the University known then as Canterbury College, was also building and renovating. These hard workers were building the new Chemistry Laboratory, but it looks a lot more physically demanding digging those foundations by hand…with wooden wheelbarrows…Not a digger or crane in sight! Some lovely Rolleston Avenue architecture in the background too. MB_1051_17088_DiggingFoundations Image credit: MB 1051, Charles Chilton photographs, Reference code 17088, Employees of W. Greig & Sons digging out the foundations of the new Chemistry laboratory, Canterbury College, 1908, photographer unknown, Macmillan Brown Library, University of Canterbury.