Image of the week: 20th - 26th June

20 June 2016

MB1066-150046-Men-up-traffic-lights - Imported from Library News system
Finding it hard to get a good view of where your studies are headed? Climb a traffic light, guaranteed better viewing – “It’s clear, it’s good!” The Career Hub at UC is the place to go to get post-study and career advice – and they are easier to access than an 8 foot traffic light…. Head over to The Career Hub Level 1, Geography building for info about scholarships, internships, job hunting, interview tips and more. MB1066-150046-Men-up-traffic-lights Image credit: Habgood, Noel, n.d. Plate 0113, Noel Habgood photographs (MB1066, 150046). Macmillan Brown Library, Christchurch, New Zealand