How to Library - a guide for new students

26 February 2016

As a first year student there is so much to take in. Where are your classes? How do you get a Canterbury Card? What’s up with the parking? With so much going on, learning to use the library can  be the last thing you want to do. But it is crucial to your success as a student here. So with that in mind, here’s a run down on how the library works. Books Finding a book in the library can seem impossible, and you know what, don’t feel bad about that! We’ve all been there. With four libraries and so many floors it can be confusing; luckily there is a short and sweet video which goes through the whole process from searching to locating an item.  And remember, if you are having trouble ask a librarian – they aren’t mean or shushy at all. James Hight Central Library Building_2013 High Demand Have you ever been given an assignment only to have everyone rush madly to the library to grab the last copy of the recommended book? To stop things getting too intense, the library has placed a number of items on high demand. These books have a shorter issue time, ranging from 3 hours to 3 days, and can be found in the High Demand section of each library. Interloans One of the reasons Canterbury is so fantastic is because of the Interloans service. If we don’t have the book of article you want, have look in Interloans. From here you can search libraries around the world, request your item and have to sent to the University  –best of all, it’s free! Library 101 Whether you’re a first year or returning student, anyone can benefit from the Library 101 programme. Here you can find short videos on topics from using your Canterbury card to finding a journal articles, as well as links to all things referencing. Click here to find out more! Most importantly the library is a space that is here for students. It’s your library, so don’t feel too intimidated when stepping in those doors. Reposted from our post on The Insider's Guide to UC