Book Giveaway 12.15 pm Friday 18 March

11 March 2016

Level 3, Central Library, Puaka James Hight. The library continues to review the UC collection and some resources have been withdrawn. On Friday 18 March these will be available for you to view and to take for your own collections. Where: Level 3, Central Library, Puaka James Hight The list below gives an indication of which subjects are covered by the majority of withdrawn items. An itemised list is not available. Call Range Subject Heading E- North American History ML –MT Music Literature and theories PQ - French Literature 17th and 18th Century TR - Photography Music CDs – mainly classical (these have a library security coating on them.  They do not run well in slim drives.) Children’s and Young Adult Fiction (donations) Recycled Journal boxes Resources are being given away because:
  • Fewer copies of the title are now required; or
  • it is damaged and may have been replaced; or
  • it was purchased or donated but does not meet the “in scope” criteria for Learning, Teaching and Research at UC; or
  • an electronic equivalent is considered to be the preferred option e.g. the music CDs