Image of the Week: 10th August - 16th August

10 August 2015

Happy Dodransbicentennial Akaroa!

175 years ago the Comte de Paris carrying 57 French and German settlers entered Akaroa harbour on 16th of August 1840.

This image was taken at Akaroa some years later, after Louis Vangioni discovered a penguin washed up in Fisherman's Bay in 1904. Louis took the penguin home to recuperate and it decided to make Akaroa his permanent home. Pompey the penguin lived in an old barrel in the Vangioni's yard and became a popular tourist attraction for the seaside town for the following 13 years.

MB1470 D Harrison photographs, Reference number 2657, Pompey the yellow-eyed penguin with Betty Waller (left) and Rana Hall. Photographer D Harrison, 1914. Macmillan Brown Library, University of Canterbury.