Congratulations to those who tackled the Tower Race 2015

26 March 2015

The 2015 Tower Race results are in and we have 2 new records!

The 2015 Tower Race was held on March 24th with 49 people registered to run the race.
This annual race is no mean feat - with a 200m sprint around the Puaka-James Hight building, followed by a 53m vertical climb up 264 stairs, to reach the top of the 11th story!
This year the 2 winners from 2014, Patrick Turner and Kathryn McLardy, were the stars, shaving even more time off their already impressive record-breaking 2014 times.
Patrick now holds the men's record with a time of 1:25:06. Kathryn holds the women's record with a time of 1:58:05.
Special mention also goes to Alastair McDowell who was the winner of the Edge "Best Dressed" prize and ran the race twice, once in mountain climbing gear (complete with loaded pack).
Congratulations to everyone who completed the race and thanks to everyone involved in making this event such a success.

We can't wait to see what 2016's race will bring.

Click here for a complete list of tower race results (from the inaugural race in 2005 through to this year)