The most dangerous man in America : Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers - a film by Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith

09 October 2014

This film, now accessible to all UC people via streaming video, had a major impact on Edward Snowden. The NSA whistleblower was being interviewed via Skype by Daniel Ellsberg, and at the head of the interview, after thanking Ellsberg for his service, Snowden went on to say, “I watched a documentary of your life as I was grappling with these issues myself. It had a deep impact and it really shaped my thinking."

The film tells the story of Ellsberg's transformation from Vietnam War strategist to whistleblower, as he leaked a 7000-page top-secret Pentagon document to The New York Times. Ellsberg's actions sparked a national debate centered around the controversy (then, as now, with Snowden) of National Security vs. the public's right to know.

View the YouTube trailer below, or watch the complete documentary.