Temporary Suspension on Donations of Material to the University of Canterbury Archives

26 May 2014

The Library is fortunate enough to receive many donations of material from staff, alumni and the wider community, and has incorporated this into its collections. We’re proud and grateful that so many people have made generous contributions through the years.

Occasionally, though, the sheer volume of this can lead to a bit of a backlog, or challenges to storage space. We experienced this in 2008 and put a temporary suspension on donations of archives and manuscripts to allow staff to catch up with cataloguing donations already received, which saw the backlog of uncatalogued collections fall from 96% to less than 5%.

Commencing 1st June 2014, the Library is placing a temporary suspension on accepting donations of material to all of its library collections, with the exception of the art collections, Ngāi Tahu and Pacific collections.

We want to ensure the material we already have is used to its fullest potential and is embedded into research and teaching at the University appropriately, and we’re confident a suspension will allow us the time and resource to achieve this.

We look forward to a time in the future when we will again be able to afford new donations the space and attention they deserve, and will notify you here when this is the case.