Image of the week: 17th August - 23rd August 2014

18 August 2014

Rewi Alley (1897 - 1987) was born in Springfield Christchurch, named after Rewi Maniapoto, a great Ngāti Maniapoto leader.

Rewi Alley or 路易•艾黎 (pronounced as Lùyì Àilí) in Chinese; he was an educator, a writer and social reformer, but best known as a friend of China.

Journeys in Time is a 7 part documentary to commemorate the unique life of Alley in China for 6 decades.

Gung Ho - Rewi Alley of China, (Gung Ho means 'working together') a 5 part documentary depicting how Alley assisted the locals in a co-operative movement when China was under the siege from Japan in 1930s.

Rewi Alley: an autobiography or Rewi Alley from Canterbury to China will tell you more about his extra ordinary life.

Macmillan Brown Library holds: Rewi Alley Collections.

Look up the Library Catalogue for his published materials or search through Kā Kohika for his manuscripts and photographs.

Image credit: MB45, Rewi Alley papers, Reference code 11594, Rewi Alley, photographer Didby Spencer, no date, Macmillan Brown Library, University of Canterbury.