Image of the Week: 10th November to 16th November 2014

10 November 2014

Our history building is going to be named after Karl Popper.

Karl Raimund Popper (1902 – 1994) is considered one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century. More importantly, he made valuable contributions while he taught Philosophy here between 1937 and 1944.
Popper produced his second major work “The Open Society and its Enemies” during his time in Christchurch.
You can easily find Popper’s published works in our Library Catalogue.
You may be interested in our collection of photos, correspondence and manuscripts about Popper in our Archives and Art Collections - search for 'Popper in Kā Kohika o Macmillan Brown.

Image credit: MB456, University of Canterbury inwards correspondence and subject files, Reference code 15977, Portrait of Karl Popper, Photographer unknown, 1939. Macmillan Brown Library, University of Canterbury.