Friday Free Stuff - 28th February

28 February 2014

Open access art

The National Gallery of Art (NGA) in the United States provides open access to over 32,000 images. The database can be searched using ‘Advanced Search’ or browsed by collection (including frequently requested images.) Images can be downloaded in high resolution or added to a folder called a ‘Lightbox’, this feature allows you to save, share and download multiple images at one time. Registration is required to download images. See the NGA policy for how images may be used.

Walters Art Museum contains over 18,000 images available via Wikimedia Commons. Each image includes conservation and exhibition histories. You will find images of art from pre-dynastic Egypt through to 20th century Europe.

Yale University have made images from their cultural collections freely available. The collection is large, with over 250,000 images.

In partnership with hundreds of museums and cultural institutions the Google Art Project makes many thousands of high resolution images available online. Some of the images are not open access, so you will need to check the website of the respective museum or collection.