eBook problems - a number of records missing

16 July 2014

Our catalogue includes many eBook records for items not owned by the Library, but which we purchase if you, our users, look at them. This allows us to provide access to more resources than we can afford to buy, and helps ensure the eBooks we do buy are ones that will be used.

At the moment, one of our suppliers has inadvertently disabled access to a large number of these eBooks. None of the eBooks that we have purchased are affected, but around 20,000 of the 'speculative' titles are affected. You will not see these in our Catalogue (we have removed them in the meantime) but you may still come across them when using the Multisearch function from our Home Page. When you use them, you will find that the links fail.

We have contacted the supplier and expect that they will fix this quickly - and certainly this week.

In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience you get through links that don't work.

We can get the vendors to enable individual titles, if there were works that you had noticed in our catalogue and wanted, but that are no longer present. We would need to know the title as best you can remember it - email eServices.