Phenomena: Rare Classics books on display 3-21 June

04 June 2013

The Central Library is hosting an exhibition of 12 rare classical texts recently donated to the Logie Memorial Collection by the late Professor Douglas A. Kidd.

In addition to being a renowned classicist, Douglas Kidd was also an avid collector, and sought out rare books to support his research interests. With publications dating to as early as 1499, this collection includes early writing on astronomy, poetry and weather lore, and features translations of the writings of Aratus, Tacitus, Cicero, and Virgil amongst others.

Complementing Douglas Kidd’s books is a volume from the UC Library’s Rare Books collection, a 1679 edition of Manilius’s Astronomica.
The Phenomena exhibition, curated by Terri Elder and Penny Minchin-Garvin, is located at the far end of Level 2, adjacent to the Student Support Services.