Friday Free Stuff - 5th July

05 July 2013

Duolingo is a free language learning website designed by the creator of reCAPTCHA. It’s free because as students undertake lessons to strengthen their language skills, they are helping to translate the web at the same time!

Currently, you can learn German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, with more languages to be added.

How the site works:

Someone needing a webpage translated uploads it to Duolingo. The document is passed to Duolingo students who get to practice their language skills by translating it into the language they’re learning. When the translation is completed, Duolingo return it to the original content owner and depending on the type of document, they pay for the translation.

Duolingo also has apps for iphone and android, so you can learn languages anywhere you go. You can also follow friends’ progress with their language learning, and turn it into a bit of a competition.