Exhibition: Time of Mirth and Play: Graduation Traditions of UC

10 October 2013

Central Library 5 October - 1 November 2013

A new exhibition uses items from the Macmillan Brown Library collections to explore how Graduation has changed at UC from from the late 19th century until today. Curated by Ngaio Hughey-Cockerell and Kimberley Hayes, Time of Mirth and Play highlights significant themes and ideas that demonstrate the changing nature of Graduation as a tradition.

Ngaio and Kimberley have worked on the exhibition as the practical component of their history honours course, Public and Applied History, co-ordinated by Dr. Lyndon Fraser. They have been supervised in the Macmillan Brown Library by Erin Kimber, University Library Archivist. Read more about Ngaio and Kimberley in their blog post.

Ngaio and Kimberley will be giving a floor talk of the exhibition on Wednesday 16 October at 10.30, in the Central Library.

Enquiries about the exhibition can be directed to erin.kimber@canterbury.ac.nz

The display is located at the rear of L2 Central Library next to Disability Support Services