Level 3 update: have your say on what we keep in the collection

08 March 2012

Work clearing Level 3 of the Central Library for eventual conversion into study space has started, and the Library wants staff and student input into any items that might be withdrawn from the Library’s collection.

The first step in clearing level 3 is to assess the collections for anything that might be withdrawn before items are moved elsewhere in the Central Library or into storage. The process for deciding what should be withdrawn involves extensive checking by librarians and consultation with academic staff.

We’re keen to involve as many members of the UC community as possible in this process, so that we can be sure that we end up with the best collection possible.

To enable this, the Library is providing you with a listing of books that have been proposed for withdrawal. The most common reasons for books appearing on the list are that they are duplicates; are damaged; contain out-of-date, misleading, or inaccurate information; or contain material that is considered out of scope.

We encourage you to browse the list, and comment and vote on any of the items to support their withdrawal or retention. Each item will remain on the list for three weeks from the date they are added. Your input will be used to inform final decision making.