Imperial Legacies - an Online Exhibition.

16 May 2012

A new online exhibition showcasing the results of a UC summer student scholarship has been launched to support research into the First World War. Postgraduate history student Gregory Hynes investigated a collection of over 200 photographs, donated to the Macmillan Brown Library by the Canterbury branch of the Victoria League of New Zealand. The project was under the joint supervision of Dr. David Monger and Associate Professor Katie Pickles of the History Department, with Erin Kimber and Jeff Palmer of the Macmillan Brown Library.

Imperial Legacies: Revealing the Victoria League’s First World War Images documents the project, the history of the collection, and also provides a visual introduction to its hundreds of fascinating images of the British Empire at war. The images offer a glimpse into one of the most dramatic and influential events in history. The results bring New Zealand and Canterbury’s experience of the First World War into sharper focus, and provide exciting new possibilities for students and academics of the First World War.

This exhibition highlights just one of the many significant collections held in the Macmillan Brown Library. There are many more stories just waiting to be discovered by a researcher at UC. If you are looking for an original research topic, contact our archivist Jeff Palmer today.