Friday Free Stuff: Sound mixing

17 August 2012

Audacity is free audio software (available for Linux, Mac and Windows under the GPL license) that lets you easily:
  • record live audio on your computer,
  • convert between sound file formats,
  • cut and splice clips,
  • and edit speed, pitch, etc.
If you're looking for some free sounds to play with, some good sources under Creative Commons licenses include:
  • ccMixter with both sample packs and a cappellas to download, and the resulting remixed songs people have previously re-uploaded to the website.
  • to browse, download, and share sound effects - from wind and waves through heartbeats and choking to booms and zaps.
  • for free drum, instrumental, vocal and synthetic loops as well as its own sound effects.
Deborah Fitchett Liaison Librarian