Friday Free Stuff: some neglected favourites

28 September 2012

This is my last time posting Friday Free Stuff before I head off to a new job out at Lincoln University, but I have piles of open resources bookmarked that I've never mentioned here yet - often to my own surprise! So before I go, here are some of my favourites:

  • the World Bank not only provides the Open Knowledge Repository - books, reports, studies, working papers, journal articles, etc - but also a vast collection of data.
  • databib, an annotated bibliography of primary research data repositories
  • figshare - a site where you can host your research data either privately for backup/data management purposes, or publicly (eg negative data) so that "other researchers will not duplicate the work but instead may publish with your previously wasted figures :-)".
  • Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, browsable in English and Te Reo.
  • the Medical Heritage Library, giving open access to quality historical resources in medicine
  • ECCO-TCP: Eighteenth Century Collections Online - 2,231 texts from the 18th century available to search, read, or to reuse the data and metadata for all sorts of research purposes
  • the Open Library, a site aiming to create a record for every book in existence - so far including 20 million titles, of which over a million are freely accessible as ebooks.
FunDeborah Fitchett
Liaison Librarian