Friday Free Stuff: Open Folklore

05 March 2012

Open Folklore is a scholarly initiative by the American Folklore Society and the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries to make a wider variety of resources more widely available to researchers and students.

The website itself is essentially a portal to open access folklore studies from a variety of projects (such as World Oral Literature. You can browse these by format (books, websites, grey literature, or journals) or use the search functionality. Another feature is the American Folklore Society Ethnographic Thesaurus which you can browse online - when development is finished, it will also be downloadable.

But the project as a whole is also actively working with copyright holders to 'liberate' material - meaning the content available is constantly growing.The project's Outreach Lead, Jason Baird Jackson, talks more about this in a Creative Commons-licensed conference paper: Another World is Possible: Open Folklore as Library-Scholarly Society Partnership.

Deborah Fitchett
Liaison Librarian