Friday Free Stuff: NZSL Online

04 May 2012

NZSL Online is a dictionary for New Zealand Sign Language, or Te Reo Turi, with images and videos of each word along with videos of the words in context of a sentence.

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Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license
You can search by English word to find a sign, or by sign features (shape and location) to find an English translation. And you can add each sign you find to a "vocab sheet", which you can then view on its own page, reorder the signs, and print out.

Other information on the site includes pages on the origins of and variation in NZSL, the alphabet, numbers and classifiers, and where to learn more. Each page is also available for viewing in NZSL.

The site, by the Deaf Studies Research Unit, Victoria University of Wellington, is Creative Commons licensed, and during 2012 Māori translations for each main English translation will be added.

Deborah Fitchett
Liaison Librarian