Friday Free Stuff: 5 Project Management tools

14 September 2012

These five applications are all open source (so you can not only download them for free but inspect and modify the code if you're that way inclined) and all have support forums where volunteers answer any questions you have about using them.

First, a couple you can download and run on your own computer:
  1. GanttProject - "a cross-platform desktop tool for project scheduling and management". Gantt and PERT charts, resources, and import/export in various formats.
  2. OpenProj - "an open-source desktop project management application" - has just had a big update as ProjectLibre, aiming to be an alternative to Microsoft Project.
And three you can install onto your own webserver:
  1. Achievo - "a flexible web-based resource management tool for business environments". Includes project management, customer relationship management, and human resource management.
  2. dotProject - a project management environment with user management, ticket system, project listings, and hierarchical task list.
  3. PHProjekt - "a web application that helps you with planning and running your projects".
Deborah Fitchett