Central Library science collections moving to EPS Library

12 September 2012

The entirety of the Library's science collections are to be reunited under one roof later this year when the Central Library biological and geological science collections are relocated permanently to the Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) Library.

The move will allow students and academics to browse the sciences together, instead of having to journey between the two libraries as at present. Students and academics of all disciplines will still have the same access to browse and borrow from the collections they currently do.

The move is planned for the week beginning the 12th November, which will ensure the collections are available to be browsed over the summer semester when the Central Library is closed. Access to the collections may be disrupted for a short time as stock is removed from shelves, moved across campus, and shelved in the EPS Library. The stock movement will take place after the exam period has been completed. We recommend you plan your browsing and borrowing accordingly.

The Library is constantly reviewing its collections and their locations. This move will help ensure that the collections are relevant and easy to access, and that the EPS Library’s beautifully refurbished space is used to its full potential.

The EPS (Engineering and Physical Science Library) with 529 study spaces will act as the main library for summer school programmes with evening and weekend opening as follows:
Mon-Thu: 8.30am-9pm
Fri: 8.30am-5pm
Sat & Sun: 1pm-5pm
All libraries have a range of study spaces providing for quiet and group discussion. A number of bookable discussion rooms are available in EPS and the Education Library.
Alex Hanlon Heather Jenks
Director of Learning Resources Associate University Librarian