Reports and government publications

The specific agency responsible for the report appears as the author. The names of parent agencies not present in the author name appear in the source element as the publisher.

  • See also Format of Group Author Names on the APA Style website, which explains how to identify the authors of a report and how to handle organisation names that have layers of hierarchy.

Reference list – print example

Author or Agency. (Year). Title (Report Series #). Publisher.

Ministry of Health. (2006). Problem gambling intervention services in New Zealand: 2005 service-user statistics (Monitoring Report No. 8).

  • If there is a report series and number, provide these in parentheses after the title
  • Omit the publisher when the author and publisher are the same

In-text citation

(Ministry of Health, 2006) OR According to the Ministry of Health (2006)

  • See Author Variations for the option of abbreviating organisation names in in-text citations

Reference list – online examples

Content Available Freely or From Multiple Sources

Author or Agency. (Year). Title (Report Series #). Publisher. URL

Mercury NZ. (2019). Annual report.

Schooling Analysis Unit. (2015). Attendance in New Zealand schools 2014. Ministry of Education.

Te Tari Taiwhenua–Department of Internal Affairs. (n.d.). Pūrongo ā tau—Annual report 2019.$file/Annual-Report-2019-Final-Audit-approved.pdf

Original Proprietary Database Content

Author or Agency. (Year). Title (Report Series #). Database. URL

Burke, B. (2020). Use gamification to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections (ID G00723995). Gartner.

Euromonitor. (2019). Coffee in New Zealand: Country report. Passport. Retrieved June 6, 2020, from

Kelly, A. (2020). House construction in New Zealand (New Zealand Industry ANZSIC Report E3011NZ). IBISWorld. Retrieved June 6, 2020, from

In-text citations

(Burke, 2020) OR According to Burke (2020)
(Euromonitor, 2019) OR According to Euromonitor (2019)
(Kelly, 2020) OR According to Kelly (2020)
(Mercury NZ, 2019) OR According to Mercury NZ (2019)
(Schooling Analysis Unit, 2015) OR According to the Schooling Analysis Unit (2015)
(Te Tari Taiwhenua–Department of Internal Affairs, n.d.) OR According to Te Tari Taiwhenua–Department of Internal Affairs (n.d.)

  • See Author Variations for more about corporate authors in references and in-text citations
  • Omit the publisher when the author and publisher are the same
  • Include the URL when it is accessible to all readers. Do not use a URL from LEARN or a library database, as these are not accessible to all readers (e.g., Mercury NZ, 2019)
    • Exception: Burke (2020), Euromonitor (2019) and Kelly (2020) examples. For works from databases that publish original, proprietary material available only in that database, provide the URL of the database home page or login page. See also Databases With Original Proprietary Content (APA Style website)
    • Include a retrieval date for changeable and unarchived reports (e.g., Euromonitor, 2019; Kelly, 2020). In contrast Burke (2020) has no retrieval date as it is a one-off report that will not be updated.
  • For parliamentary materials, such as parliamentary debates (Hansard), see the page Legal resources.