Informally Published Works

Informally published works are available online from eprint repositories (e.g., arXiv), institutional repositories (e.g., UC Research Repository), personal websites and so on.

  • An informally published work may not be peer reviewed or it may be the author’s final, peer-reviewed manuscript as accepted for publication. For peer-reviewed works, if possible refer to the final formally published version.

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of the work: Subtitle of the work. Name of Repository or Website. DOI or URL

Bond, C., & Brough, M. (2007). The meaning of culture within public health practice: Implications for the study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. QUT ePrints.

Dombroski, K., & Healy, S. (2018). Surviving well together. UC Research Repository.

Kingi, T. K. (2005). Māori mental health: Past trends, current issues, and Māori responsiveness. Massey University.

Wuest, T., Kusiak, A., Dai, T., & Tayur, S. R. (2020, May 11). Impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing and supply networks – The case for AI-inspired digital transformation. SSRN.

In-text citations

Bond and Brough (2007) ... OR ... (Bond & Brough, 2007)
Dombroski and Healy (2018) ... OR ... (Dombroski & Healy, 2018)
Kingi (2005) ... OR ... (Kingi, 2005)
Wuest et al. (2020) ... OR ... (Wuest et al., 2020)

  • Usually the year alone is used in the Date area of the reference for informally published works. If a work is updated (e.g., Wuest et al., 2020), provide the exact date of the revision (APA Style Experts, personal communication, May 21, 2021).
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