Conference papers

Conference papers - published in a book or journal

Conference proceedings may be formally published in a book or journal. If conference proceedings are published:

In a book

Use the same format as for a book or book chapter, e.g.

Bowles, T., Musgrove, E., & Hornsby, Z. (2009). The consistency of attachment styles: An experiment eliciting a response to acceptance or rejection. In Z. J. Hazelwood (Ed.), Connecting research and practice in relationships: Conference proceedings (pp. 9–14). Melbourne, Australia: Australian Psychological Society.

In a journal

Use the same format as a journal article, e.g.

Helton, W. S., Kemp, S., & Walton, D. (2013). Individual differences in movements in response to natural disasters: Tsunami and earthquake case studies. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 57(1), 858–862.

Conference papers or posters - not formally published

For paper or poster presentations that have not been formally published as a book or journal, use the following as a guide:

Presenter, A. A. (Year, month). Title of paper or poster. Paper or poster session presented at the meeting of Organisation name, Location. If you retrieved the proceedings online, include either the doi or Retrieved from and the URL.


Proudfoot, F. (2015, February). Understanding cultural differences at the frontline. Paper presented at the Australasian Housing Researchers Conference, Hobart, Australia. Retrieved from


  • Include the month and the year in the reference.

For more information see the APA Style Blog How to cite material from meetings and symposia