Government publications — APA 6th edition

The 7th edition of APA was published in October 2019. Some departments and lecturers may still be using the 6th edition. Ask your lecturer or supervisor if you are unsure which edition to use.

In-text citation

(Ministry of Health, 2006) or According to the Ministry of Health (2006)

  • Corporate authors can be abbreviated, provided the abbreviation appears more than three times in the paper
    • If you use abbreviations, indicate the abbreviation in the first in-text citation, e.g.
      First citation: (Ministry of Health [MOH], 2006) or According to the Ministry of Health (MOH, 2006)
      Subsequent citations: (MOH, 2006).
  • If the name is short or the abbreviation would not be easily understood, type out the name each time it occurs
  • See more on the APA Style Blog, How do I abbreviate group authors in in-text citations and reference list entries?

Reference list – print example

Ministry of Health. (2006). Problem gambling intervention services in New Zealand: 2005 service-user statistics (Monitoring Report No. 8). Wellington, New Zealand: Author.

  • Give the report number in parentheses after the title.
  • The word ‘Author’ is used as the publisher when the author and publisher are the same.

Reference list – online example

Ministry of Education, School Analysis Unit. (2015). Attendance in New Zealand schools 2014. Retrieved from

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard)

Cunliffe, D. (2004). Crimes Amendment Bill (No. 2). New Zealand Parliamentary Debates, 615, 11473.