What can be requested

  • Requests (or reservations) may be placed on most items. Common exceptions include items in reference or hourly collections.
  • There is a limit to the number of requests you can place at a time.
  • You can view your requests via your library account.

Where to collect your requested item

  • You can usually choose your preferred library location for pickup, but there are some exceptions (valid pickup locations for the requested item will show as options).
  • Daily loans from high demand collections can only be picked up from their home library.
  • Distance borrowers may choose the postal service for most standard and daily items in order to have items posted to them, or they may choose a library location if they wish to collect the item in person.
  • Special collection items from storage may only be viewed in the reading room at the Macmillan Brown Library - the pickup location will automatically be assigned to the Macmillan Brown Library.

Collection and delivery of items not already on loan will normally take 3-4 days and may take longer, depending on the selected pick-up location.

How to make a request

Requests are made using the library catalogue. Items which are not due within the next 7 days will be recalled for you.

1. Click "Request first available copy"

Note: Request This Copy should only be used to request specific volumes or issues from a title. In all other instances Request first available copy is likely to be the most efficient option.

Requests image 1

2. Login using your UC username and password

If you are not a UC student or staff member, you will need to use your Library barcode and PIN number.

3. Select a pickup location

Note your position in the queue, then select a pickup location using the dropdown menu. Click Request to confirm your request.

Requests image 2

4. Wait for notification that your request is ready to collect

Email is the preferred way of notifying you when your request is ready for you to collect. 3 day items may also be notified by txt message.

How to cancel a request

1. In your library account click on Holds & requests

Requests image 3Requests image 4

2. Tick the box alongside the item, then click on the Cancel Request button