Access to the Art Collection


A primary purpose for the art collection is to provide an excellent resource for teaching and research. The collection is available to staff, students, external researchers and the community for this purpose.

The University’s art collections are searchable via Kā Kohika.

Many works are on display throughout the University and can be viewed during the University’s normal hours of opening. Works not on display are stored in the Macmillan Brown Library and can be viewed by appointment with the Art Collections Curator.

Some works may have restricted access due to their fragile nature or where they have not yet been fully assessed and documented.

Purchasing and using images

Research and publication quality images of artworks in the collection are available for purchase, subject to the limitations of copyright.

Many works in the collections are protected by the Copyright Act 1994, and all works in the collections are subject to the regulations of the Library’s Reproduction Policy. Researchers are asked to not take photographs or copy images without prior written consent.

Please contact the Art Collections Curator to order images or to request permission to use an image. The Pricing Schedule, Reproduction Policy and all related forms are available from the Library.


Artworks from the collection may be loaned out for teaching, research or exhibition purposes to appropriate groups or institutions.

A copy of our Loans Policy and forms are available from the Library.


Access to some works may be restricted for legal or privacy reasons. Information about the users of the art collections might be gathered for security or statistical purposes under the terms of the Privacy Act. Copies of the Privacy policy are available from the Library.

If you would like more information on accessing collections please contact Lydia Baxendell.

Lydia Baxendell

Kaitiaki Kohinga Toi
Art Collections Curator
Macmillan Brown Library Rm 129