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Explore Te Ao Māori through UC Library’s collections. Macmillan Brown Library holds in depth resources for Māori and Indigenous Studies, and Te Puna Ako on Level 4 of the Central Library holds resources on Māori Education. Our Kaitakawaenga Māori can help you to find information to support your learning, research and enquiry on a wide range of topics relating to mātauranga Māori.

See the following subject guides for further information:

Aotearoa Room collections

Lending and reference collections

The Aotearoa Room houses a collection of material about New Zealand’s heritage, Māori society, history and culture, and the Pacific Islands. All books are shelved together in one classified sequence, with the exception of the Ngāi Tahu and Waitangi collections. Many books may be borrowed for the standard loan periods. Others must be used in the library. Lending Collection items have this red, black and white Māori motif on their spine:

  • Māori lending motif

    Māori lending motif

Reference collection items comprise a selection of encyclopedias, atlases, bibliographies, journals, and indexes. There are also second copies of books found in the lending collection and many unique items. Reference collection material is labelled with a star on the spine. All items in this collection must be used in the Library.

There are 2 small separate collections in the Aotearoa Room:

Ngāi Tahu collection

This consists of material about Ngāi Tahu’s history, traditions, myths and legends, and the Ngāi Tahu Claim. The collection has been established to provide better access to Ngāi Tahu material and to further support our desire to build on the relationship between the Library and Ngāi Tahu. Items in this collection have a yellow strip on their spine. Items that can be taken out of the Library also have the Māori lending motif on their spine.

Waitangi collection

This focuses on material produced by, generated from, and about the Waitangi Tribunal and the Treaty of Waitangi. Items in this collection have an orange strip on their spine. Items that can be taken out of the Library also have the Māori lending motif on their spine.

More information

You are welcome to contact one of our Kaitakawaenga Māori if you would like help with your enquiry. Please feel free to contact them in either te reo Māori or the English language.

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