Want to browse the fiction shelves at UC Libraries?

Each library has a different collection of fiction.

The Central Library has the widest range of fiction, with most of UC's fiction collections contained here. This includes young adult fiction, junior fiction, picture books, and a range of historical and contemporary fiction from around the world.

The EPS Library has a science fiction collection.

The Macmillan Brown Library has a collection of New Zealand and Pacific fiction which can be read only within the library, and also a small collection of borrowable fiction from Māori authors.

To find out how to browse our collections, select the relevant library below.

Fiction at the Central Library

What: Contemporary and classic fiction from a range of countries

Where: See the  level 4 floorplan for the Puaka-James Hight building

Browsing: The Central Library's fiction books are organised according to the Library of Congress classification. Books are assigned a call number based on the author's nationality. Below are the call ranges for a variety of nations' fiction. By going to the shelving for these ranges on Level 4, you will be able to browse the shelves.

Russian Fiction

PG 3475-3505

Japanese Fiction

PL 752-889

Chinese Fiction

PL 2450-3208

French Fiction

PQ 2600-2726

Spanish Fiction

PQ 6600-6726

British Fiction

PR 6000-6126

Canadian Fiction

PR 9100-9299

Australian Fiction

PR 9400-9499

New Zealand Fiction

PR 9500-9599

South African Fiction

PR 9805-39824.3

American Fiction

PS 3500-3626

German Fiction

PT 2600-2728

 This list is by no means exhaustive! If you wish to browse another nation's literature, ask for assistance at the Information Desk.

Fiction at the EPS Library

What: Science Fiction

Where: Level 2

Browsing: The EPS Library's fiction books are organised by the author's last name. So if you are looking for Arthur Clarke's books, you'll find them under CLA in the Science Fiction collection.

Fiction at the Macmillan Brown Library

What: New Zealand and Pacific Fiction

Where: Aotearoa Room or Library Use Only Collection

Browsing: There is a small collection of fiction by Māori authors (eg. Witi Ihimaera, Patricia Grace, Hone Tuwhare) in the Aotearoa Room available for lending.

The rest of the fiction in the Macmillan Brown Library is for library use only. Please note that this collection is not accessible for browsing. To see these items, please request specific items through the catalogue and visit the service desk to access them.


The Library has a small but growing collection of fiction e-books. The best way to find these is by using MultiSearch and limiting your search to items available online. Library staff at the Information Desks of any of the UC Libraries can assist you with with such searches.