Motions, rulings and orders of the IMTFE

This section of the Northcroft collection deals with several groupings of IMTFE documents. The first contains all motions presented to the tribunal. These range from procedural motions to requests of a mistrial. These motions, rulings, and orders were read either in open court or in chambers. The second section includes the Orders on Motions Presented to the Court Volumes I and II. These are the IMTFE justices’ replies and directives concerning the various motions presented to court. The final section is made up of the Rulings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. In the words of the International Prosecution Section (IPS), “This document represents an effort to codify the more important rulings of the IMTFE. The decisions included were selected because they deal with significant specific questions of law or contain statements of the President on general propositions of law”.

TitleAuthorCorresponding Transcripts Pages or DatesSize
Motions Presented to the Court Volume I Prosecution and Defence 3 May 1946 – 14 October 1946 273 pages
Motions Presented to the Court Volume II Prosecution and Defence 15 October 1946 – 30 April 1948 273 pages
Motions to Dismiss Counts of the Indictment (On Behalf of Individual Defendants) Defence Pages 16275 – 16650 375 pages
Motions to Dismiss Indictment at Close of Prosecution’s Case 
(On Behalf of All Defendants Collectively)
Defence Pages 16663 – 16713
(argument evidence not read)
78 pages
Motions, Orders, etc. Concerning Matsuoka and Okawa IMTFE and Defence   59 pages
Orders on Motions Presented to the Court Volume I IMTFE 29 April 1946 – 27 December 1946 247 pages
Orders on Motions Presented to the Court Volume II IMTFE 31 December 1946 – 20 April 1948 207 pages
Rulings of the IMTFE 
(IPS Document No. 0006)
Prosecution   363 pages