Judgment and annexes

The IMTFE Judgment and Annex is the final decision of the majority of the eleven representative justices. Its sections include the following topics:

Part A is made up of: Chapter I: “The Establishment and Proceedings of the Tribunal”; Chapter II “The Law”; and Chapter III.

Part B contains: Chapter IV: “The Military Domination of Japan and Preparation for War”; Chapter V: “Japanese Aggression against China” – Section I “Invasion and Occupation of Manchuria: The China War and Its Phases”, Section II “Consolidation and Exploitation of Manchuria”, Section III “The Plan to Advance Further into China”, and Section IV “From the Marco Polo Bridge Incident (7 July 1937) to the Konoye Declaration of 16 January 1938”; Chapter VI: “Japanese Aggression Against the USSR”; Chapter VII: “The Pacific War”; Chapter VIII: “Conventional War Crimes (Atrocities)”; Chapter IX: “Findings on Counts of the Indictment”; and Chapter X: “Verdicts”.

The Annexes include: Volume I: – Annex A-1 to A-6 “Documents Relating to the Establishment and Organisation of the IMTFE”, Appendix A “Summary of Particulars of Prosecution Evidence”, Appendix B “List of Articles of Treaties Violated by Japan and Incorporated in Groups One and Two [of Indictment]”, Appendix C “List of Official Assurances Violated by Japan and Incorporated in Group One [of Indictment]”, Appendix D “The Conventions and Assurances Violated by Japan and Incorporated in Group Three [of Indictment]”, Appendix E “Statement of Individual Responsibility for Crimes Set Out in the Indictment”; and Volume II: – Annexes B-1 to B-22-a “Texts of Assurances, Conventions, and Treaties Signed and Agreed to by Japan and Mentioned in the Judgment”.

Part A Chapter I, II, and III 1 – 82
Part B Chapter IV (in part) 83 – 280
Part B Chapter IV (contd.) 281 – 520
Part B Chapter V (in part) 521 – 647
Part B Chapter V (contd.), and VI 648 – 842
Part B Chapter VII 843 – 1000
Part B Chapter VIII 1001 – 1136
Part C Chapters IX, and X 1137 – 1211
Annexes to Judgment Volume I 1 – 131
Annexes to Judgment Volume II 1 – 199