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The International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE), most commonly known as the Tokyo War Crimes Trial (29 April 1946 to 12 November 1948), was one of the most important trials of the twentieth century. The IMTFE was charged with bringing the highest levels of Japanese war criminals to trial. The Tribunal consisted of eleven members from eleven nations: Australia, Canada, China, France, Great Britain, India, New Zealand, the Philippines, the Netherlands, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America. Justice Erima Harvey Northcroft was chosen to represent New Zealand on the Bench of the IMTFE. After the trial In January 1949, Justice Northcroft kindly donated his nearly complete set of trial documents to the University of Canterbury (then University of Canterbury College). At the time of his bequest, Justice Northcroft was well aware of the importance of this resource. Since that time, as original copies of the material have dwindled, disintegrated, and been lost, the value of Northcroft’s gift has risen exponentially. This collection is now one of the most complete sets of IMTFE documents in the world. It contains almost 380 volumes and nearly 110,000 pages. Evidence can be found therein for examinations of virtually any topic regarding Asia in the first half of the twentieth century, particularly as it applies to the growth of Japanese imperialism.

The E. H. Northcroft Collection [MB 1549] is part of the documentary archives collection held by the University of Canterbury’s Macmillan Brown Library. Please use the following inventory to fully realise the worth of Northcroft’s endowment. For further information about access to the collection please contact the Macmillan Brown Library.

  • Volume I: includes: "The Bridge-Head"; "Tanaka Cabinet"; "Hamaguchi Cabinet"; "Wakatsuki Cabinet"; "Inukai Cabinet"' "Saito Cabinet";
  • Volume II: includes: "Okada Cabinet"; "Hirota Cabinet"; "Hayashi Cabinet"; Volume III: includes: "First Konoye Cabinet";
  • Volume IV: Includes: "Hiranuma Cabinet"; "Abe Cabinet"; "Yonai Cabinet"; Volume V: includes: "Second Konoye Cabinet";
  • Volume VI: includes: "Third Konoye Cabinet";
  • Volume VII: includes: "Tojo Cabinet"; and the Appendix: includes: "Maps and Charts".


TitleAuthorCorresponding Trial Pages or DatesSize
Docket and Chronology of Proceedings and Pleadings Clerk(s) of the Court  25 April 1946 – 30 April 1948  185 pages
General Index of the Record of the Prosecution Case
(IPS Document No 0005
Prosecution Transcripts
1 – 16997
 101 pages
Index of Witnesses Prosecution 17 June 1946 – 30 January 1948  152 pages
Index to Final Addresses Prosecution    22 pages
Index of Exhibits Volume I Prosecution Exhibits Numbers 1 – 2282  322 pages
Index of Exhibits Volume II Defence  Exhibits Numbers 2283 – 3915  269 pages

Finding guides

TitleAuthorCorresponding Trial Pages or DatesSize
Summary of Proceedings: Prosecution's Case W. E. Cuppaidge Transcripts1 -16259 1 – 401
Summary of Proceedings: Defence Case-General(Excluding Individual Defendants) W. E. Cuppaidge Transcripts17004 - 28085 1 – 253
Brief of Facts - Presented by the Prosecution Lt. Col. Howard H. Hastings JAGD, US   866 pages
Volume I     1 – 145
Volume II     146 – 254
Volume III     255 – 399
Volume IV     400 - 509
Volume V     510 – 670
Volume VI     671 – 733
Volume VII     734 – 854
Appendix     9 pages