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Dovedale Hold Service 

To support our College of Education, Health & Human Development borrowers we are offering a Dovedale pick-up option for requests. The service is available to all UC borrowers but excludes high demand items and interloans (these will need to be picked up from a library location). 

To have your requests sent to Dovedale for pick-up, select the Dovedale option from the list of pick-up options available when you place a request. You will receive a hold notification when the item is on its way to Dovedale.

The pick-up service starts on Tuesday 1st May and will be run out of Ōrakipaoa (College of Education college office) 114 Assignment room with the following hours (excluding public holidays or university closed dates):

Day Time
Tuesday 12:30pm - 3pm
Wednesday 12:30pm - 3pm
Thursday 12:30pm - 3pm

NB: this is not a full library service - it is hold pick-up only. A self-loan station will be provided to issue your holds. A college technician will be in the office to hand over the holds but does not have access to library systems. Any queries about your requests and account should be directed to library staff

LibExpress Kōtuku Service on Dovedale Campus

The Library Express Service is now operating out of Kōtuku computer lab (located just behind the old Henry Field Library - see map below).
This service includes: 

  • Drop in consultations

  • Advice on how to use the Library

  • Guidance on Distance Services

  • Returns (can be returned to former Education Library dropbox)

  • Catalogue help and much more 

Opening Hours:

This service operates from 11am - 1pm on weekdays (excludes public holidays or university closed dates).

Full Education Library service and collections are now offered in the Central Library.

The Education Library | Te Puna Ako has moved...

As part of the College of Education relocation to the Ilam campus, we have moved the Education library into Pūaka James-Hight. The library closed permanently at 5pm on 16th November. The move of collections is now complete. To keep you informed we have created a guide for the planning and moving process which details where our collections and staff have gone.