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Publications (Selected)


Canterbury Earthquakes

Housing in Post-Quake Canterbury: Human Rights Fault Lines

Natalie Baird (2017) 15 NZ Journal of Public and International Law 195.


Movement of Land, Demolition, Fire, Silt, Waste, Pests, Population Shift: Canterbury Coping with its Damaged Land

Toni Collins (2018) 26 Australian Property Law Journal 315.


The Canterbury Earthquakes and the Effect on Landlords and Tenants With Commercial Leases

Toni Collins (2018) 33 Australian Journal of Emergency Management 61. 


The Doctrine of Frustration, Commercial Leases and the Canterbury Earthquakes

Toni Collins (2017, PhD, University of Canterbury).


The Canterbury Earthquakes 2010-11 – Selected Legal Issues

Toni Collins, Jeremy Finn, Henry Holderness, John Hopkins and Elizabeth Toomey (2016) 31 Australian Environment Review 324.


Disaster Law Theory

The First Victim: Administrative Law and Natural Disasters

John Hopkins (2016) 1 New Zealand Law Review 189.


Extraordinary powers and political constitutionalism

Sascha Mueller (2017) 23 Canterbury Law Review 65.


Economic Disaster

Walking into the Footprint of EU Law: Unpacking the Gendered Consequences of Brexit

Roberta Guerrina and Annick Masselot (2018) 17 Social Policy & Society 319.


Rising Asia and 'Normative Power Europe': New Perspectives in the Dialogue on Norms and Values

Natalia Chaban, Annick Masselot, and Katharine Vadura (eds) (2015) 13 Asia-Europe Journal 1612 (special issue).


EU Childcare Strategy in Times of Austerity

Annick Masselot (2015) 37 Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 345.


Human Displacement

Highly Skilled Migrants and Transnational Care Practices: Balancing Work, Life and Crisis Over Large Geographical Distances

Annick Masselot (2011) 17 Canterbury Law Review 299.


Pacific Disaster Law


John Hopkins in Dug Cubie, Marlies Hesselman and Jacqueline Peel (eds) Yearbook of International Disaster Law (Volume 2, Brill|Nijhoff, 2021) 366.



For the Greater Good? Data and Disasters in a Post-COVID World

Helen O'Connor, John Hopkins and David Johnston (2021) Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand.


Risk Reduction

Soft Obligations and Hard Realities: Regional Disaster Risk Reduction in Europe and Asia

John Hopkins in Katja L H Samuel, Marie Aronsson-Storrier and Kirsten Nakjavani Bookmiller (eds) The Cambridge Handbook of Disaster Risk Reduction and International Law (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2019) 219.


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