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"Disaster Law" 

LISTEN: Professor John Hopkins and Senior Lecturer Toni Collins of the UC School of Law spoke to RNZ's Alison Ballance about Disaster Law, discussing the legal situations around New Zealand's response to COVID-19, the Christchurch earthquakes, and the Pacific Island nations' centralised response to disasters.

18 February 2021 (Radio New Zealand) - https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/ourchangingworld/audio/2018782799/disaster-law 


"Masks - public health law expert, John Hopkins"

LISTEN: UC Law Professor John Hopkins discusses the practicality of enforcing Government mandated use if face masks on public transport.

16 November 2020 (Radio New Zealand) - https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/thepanel/audio/2018773009/masks-public-health-law-expert-john-hopkins 


"Mt Taranaki eruption could knock out power to entire region"

Did you know that Mt Taranaki has a 50% chance of eupting in the next 50 years? Given the time that has passed since its last eruption, Professor Tom Wilson of UC's School of Earth and Environment believes the next one could be 'on the bigger side of what Taranaki can produce'. 

13 November 2020 (Stuff) - https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/rnz/300158419/mt-taranaki-eruption-could-knock-out-power-to-entire-region 


"NZ's Covid-19 methods are effective but 'old fashioned' - disaster expert" 

It shows that New Zealander's need to have a conversation about what things we would give up to stop the impact of the lockdown", says Professor John Hopkins, UC Law disaster expert, in response to our 'old fashioned' COVID-19 methods.

14 October 2020 (Radio New Zealand) - https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/428301/nz-s-covid-19-methods-are-effective-but-old-fashioned-disaster-expert 


"International advice on managing COVID-19 - Expert Reaction" 

How useful is WHO latest COVID-19 international advice for New Zealand? UC Law Professor John Hopkins says that what is important is considering the different legal frameworks that a country operates under.

13 October 2020 (Science Media Centre) - https://www.sciencemediacentre.co.nz/2020/10/13/international-advice-on-managing-covid-19-expert-reaction/ 


"New research to help businesses increase seismic safety"

See new research that will help businesses increase their seismic safety. UC Law Dr Toni Collins has worked with EQCNZ and Resilient Organisations on the research project which will help businesses better protect their staff and customers in future earthquakes.

7 September 2020 (EQC) - https://www.eqc.govt.nz/news/new-research-to-help-businesses-increase-seismic-safety 

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