Chat  Le Nguyen

Senior LecturerDr Chat Nguyen

Director of Internationalisation
Meremere 421
Internal Phone: 90508


Research Interests

I taught at the University of the South Pacific prior to joining the University of Canterbury. I have worked with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Jean Monnet Actions, and Transparency International in a number of teaching initiatives and research projects on Anti-Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing, Corruption, Transnational Organised Crime, and Cybercrime in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recent Publications

  • Nguyen DCL. and Golman DW. (2021) Diffusion of the Budapest Convention on cybercrime and the development of cybercrime legislation in Pacific Island countries: ‘Law on the books’ vs ‘law in action’. Computer Law & Security Review 40 105521: 105521-105521.
  • Le Nguyen C. (2020) National criminal jurisdiction over transnational financial crimes. Journal of Financial Crime 27(4): 1-17.
  • Le Nguyen C. (2018) Preventing the use of financial institutions for money laundering and the implications for financial privacy. Journal of Money Laundering Control 21(1): 47-58.
  • Le Nguyen C. (2014) The international anti-money laundering regime and its adoption by Vietnam. Asian Journal of International Law 4(1): 197-225.
  • Nguyen C. (2013) Criminalisation of Money Laundering in the International Anti-Money Laundering Regime and its Adoption by Vietnam. Australian Journal of Asian Law 14(1) 6: 1-17.