UC Law Essay Competition - Frequently Asked Questions

Competition History

Has the competition been run in previous years?
Yes.  It was run in 2014, 2017, 2019 and 2020.

Competition Rules

When will submissions close?
5pm, Sunday, 17 October 2021 (no extensions or late entries will be accepted)

Will you accept essays mailed in via the post?
No – all entries must be submitted via the website.

Can I enter more than one essay?
A student may submit only one essay for each topic.  A student can submit multiple essays, but they must be for different topics and on separate entry forms online.


Are we allowed any graphs, diagrams or images within our essays?
Yes you can.  Graphs and diagrams and images may be the best way to demonstrate a given point.


Do we need to reference our sources? 
Yes – any document you have referred to should have a reference.

What referencing format should we use?
No specific referencing style needs to be followed, however it needs to be consistent throughout the essay. 

Plagiarism is not acceptable.  Any material taken directly from other sources must be quoted and appropriately referenced.  Any essays with plagiarised material will not be considered.  Automated plagiarism detection software may be used on these essays.

Word Count

How long can the essay be?
Maximum 600 words (Year 9 and 10) or 1000 words (Year 11-13), excluding references.  You can use your word processor’s word count feature to check the number of words.

Do the words in the graph titles, images and diagrams contribute to word count? No.

What if the essay is too long?
It won’t qualify for the competition.