Law and Criminal Justice Information for High Schools

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Te Kura Ture | UC Law School invites high school students and teachers to participate in our Outreach programme to learn more about law and criminal justice in New Zealand. Our Outreach programme offers you a unique opportunity to expand your understanding of the law, support your studies and inspire your future career direction.

The activities and events we offer will generate interest in law while developing real-world academic and community-focused skills.

Visit the UC campus

The Liaison Office offers tours of the University campus to prospective students. These give students an opportunity to explore our facilities and meet with College advisors to discuss your study options. School group tours can be arranged on request. Check out campus tours and future student events.

Outreach packages

  • Lecture Sit-in: Experience first hand what it's like to be a UC Law student and sit in on introductory-level courses.
  • Moot Court Session: An opportunity for students to debate current topics from a legal perspective in our Moot Court.
  • School Visit: Invite a lecturer to talk to your class.
  • Core Legal Session: Group discussion and debate on real cases covering core legal topics.

Teaching resources

The College of Business and Law produces a range of posters for schools to use on classroom walls. Email if you'd like a version of any of the posters sent to your school free of charge. Alternatively, you can download all posters below as print-ready PDFs.

If you want to find out more about our Outreach programme

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