BCJ Electives: Special Provisions for 2019 only

The Dean of Law has approved BCJ students substituting a maximum of 45 points taken from the list below in lieu of BCJ Elective courses for 2019.  This decision has been made on the grounds of exceptional circumstances in relation to the number of BCJ electives available in 2019.

Note:  BCJ students are already permitted one “off-schedule” elective (BCJ Regulation 3(c)).  The 45 points referred to above are in addition to that provision.

The majority of the courses list a variety of pre-requisites, but students will still have to apply to the appropriate Head of School for a waiver.   Note, however, that PSYC334 does require the pre-requisite of PSYC206.* 

Semester One Semester Two Whole Year
HSRV304 Indigenous Practice 15 points BIOS201 Issues in NZ Biosecurity 15 points  *PSYC334 Learning and Behaviour Analysis 30 points
HSRV308 Gender Sensitivity and the Human Services 15 points HSRV306 Non-Governmental Organisations and Social Development 15 points  
LAWS344 Gender and the Law 15 points MAOR317 Takahi: Colonisation 30 points  
PHIL236 Ethics (200 level course only) 15 points PHIL324 Bioethics: Life, Death and Medicine 15 points  
PSYC346 Judgement and Decision Making 15 points SOCI311 Mental Health and Society 30 points      
SOCI363 Investigating Social Worlds 30 points    

Students must advise the School of Law student advisor if they are taking any of these courses in 2019, so that a Dean’s Resolution can be placed on their academic transcripts; this is required in order to confirm BCJ completion requirements.                       

You can find out more about these courses by putting the course code in on the course finder page here:


We are aware that this may change some of the previous advice you have received from either our Student Advisor, Assistant Dean Students, or Academic Manager.  Also, some of you had previous advice when the Semesters were not yet in a timetable and therefore courses may be sitting in a different Semester than previously advised.  It is of course best if you can have an even workload in each Semester, therefore in light of this new information and for those who have not yet met with a Student Advisor please consider getting course advice before enrolling for next year.  You can make an appointment here:


The timetable for this year is set and we do not anticipate any movement at this stage, please consider your timetable clashes and if you need advice on changing courses or options about how to deal with clashes please also feel free to contact us.