Criminal Justice 

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Our unique undergraduate degree in criminal justice, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ), is the first of its kind in New Zealand. Students can also undertake a Certificate in Criminal Justice or a Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice.

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Bachelor of Criminal Justice

The three-year degree combines multi-disciplinary academic study with a strong vocational focus, and provides the first and only comprehensive grounding in the New Zealand criminal justice system. Never before has there been a vocational degree like it offered at a New Zealand university.

Multi-disciplinary degree

The dynamic and multi-disciplinary Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree is of huge benefit to anyone who wants to work or is working in the diverse field of criminal justice.

Our students receive a solid grounding in New Zealand’s criminal justice system and its processes, including governance, enforcement, rehabilitation and improvement. You will learn from UC experts in the fields of criminology, sociology, developmental and abnormal psychology, criminal law and procedure, human services and policing.

The degree does not require students to have a background in any specific subject at school and is open to all students with entry to university.

Professional development

It is also possible to study towards a BCJ while working in this field, which will help build related professional competencies and skills while on the job.

Careers in criminal justice

Graduates with this degree have an edge in the crime and justice job markets, which are areas of growing national need and international specialisation.

A degree in Criminal Justice can lead to a wide range of careers, including law enforcement, corrections, offender rehabilitation, working with young offenders, criminal law, security and border control. Find out more from UC's Careers, Innovation and Employment services.

Need more information?

The School of Law Student Advisor can assist you in a variety of ways from planning your degree to helping with special applications regarding your course of study in Criminal Justice.