Sascha Mueller

Senior LecturerSascha Mueller

Meremere 306
Internal Phone: 93763

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My main research interest is in constitutional and comparative constitutional law. I have previously looked at the way the NZ parliament employs the possibility of passing legislation under urgency.
My current research is in the field of disaster law. More specifically, I am investigating legislative and extra-legislative responses to natural disasters. This includes a comparative study of governmental responses across several jurisdictions.
Moreover, I am interested in commercial law, especially in credit contracts, personal property securities, and the enforcement of such securities.

Recent Publications

  • Mueller S. (2017) Local Democracy and the Agency Model of Local Governance. Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 10: 76-84.
  • Mueller SD. (2017) Extraordinary powers and political constitutionalism. Canterbury Law Review 23: 65-84.
  • Mueller SD. (2017) Incommensurable Values: Environment Canterbury and Local Democracy. New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law 15(2): 293-312.
  • Mueller SD. (2017) Trimming the fringe: Should New Zealand limit the cost of borrowing in consumer credit contracts? Waikato Law Review 25: 79-99.
  • Mueller SD. (2016) Consumer Repossession Reform in New Zealand. Insolvency Law Journal 24(1): 83-90.