Matthew Barber

Associate ProfessorDr Matthew Barber

Meremere 314
Internal Phone: 93719


Research Interests

Matthew's current research focus is on contract law generally, as well as sales and consumer law.

Recent Publications

  • Todd S. and Barber M. (2022) Burrows, Finn and Todd on the Law of Contract in New Zealand. (7 ed.). cxxx + 985.
  • Barber M. and Todd S. (2020) The Laws of New Zealand: Contract reissue 1. : xcvi+506. LexisNexis. [Online and looseleaf].
  • Barber M. (2019) Commercial Law in New Zealand (Consumer Guarantees Act 1993). LexisNexis. [Online commentary].
  • Barber M. and Todd S. (2019) Commercial Law in New Zealand (Contract). LexisNexis. [Online commentary].
  • Miller L. and Barber M. (2019) Understanding Commercial Law. (9 ed.). Wellington: LexisNexis. xlv+732.