Mark Wright

LecturerDr Mark Wright

Meremere 315
Internal Phone: 90092


Research Interests

Mark's research interests are in criminal law and procedure, with a particular focus on the use of the criminal law in regulatory statutes. He recently completed his PhD on prosecutions under the Resource Management Act 1991, and has written a monograph based on it entitled "Responding to Environmental Crimes: Lessons from New Zealand".

Before joining the University of Canterbury, Mark worked in a variety of legal roles, including as a corporate litigator, a Crown prosecutor and as a legal and policy advisor at the Law Commission and the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

Recent Publications

  • Wright M. (2021) Responding to Environmental Crimes Lessons from New Zealand. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Wright M. (2020) When Crime Pays: "Environmental Civil Prosecutions" and the Resource Management Act 1991. PhD Thesis, Christchurch. University of Canterbury.