James Mehigan

Senior LecturerDr James Mehigan

Internal Phone: 91270


Research Interests

James is broadly interested in how the state and other powerful actors are held accountable for the harms they cause. This includes the struggle for justice for, amongst others, prisoners, victims of police brutality and other marginalised groups.

He has published books on prison education, joint criminal enterprise and human rights defenders in Israel and Palestine. He is currently working on a book (with Prof Neil Boister and Dr Richard Burchill) about the criminal justice responses to the Christchurch Shootings. It will be published by Canterbury University Press in 2021.

Recent Publications

  • Mehigan J., Burchill R. and Boister N. (2022) Processing Tragedy: Criminal Justice Responses to the Christchurch Mosque Shootings [In Press]. Canterbury University Press.
  • Mehigan J. and Cecil J. (2020) Secondary Liability and Joint Enterprise post-Jogee. London: Law Brief Publishing.
  • Mehigan J. (2022) International criminal law and the settlement of international disputes. In Tsagourias N; Franchini D (Ed.), The Changing Character of International Dispute Settlement: Prospects and Challenges Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Mehigan J. (2019) The Prosecution on Trial. In Scott D; Drake D; Nightingale A (Ed.), Introduction to Criminology: 105-139. Milton Keynes: Open University.
  • Mehigan J. (2019) What are the police for? In Scott D; Drake D; Nightingale A (Ed.), Introduction to Criminology: 37-70. Milton Keynes: Open University.