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LecturerDr David Jefferson

Co-Director of Honours
Internal Phone: 90820

Research Interests

David’s research examines how the law sets the terms for human interactions with the other-than-human world, including through the governance of biodiversity, biotechnologies, agricultural crops, and food. David’s research sites are in Australasia and Latin America.

Recent Publications

  • Jefferson D. (2022) Guardianship and Care in Human-Plant Relations: Māori Sovereignty and Sustainability in the Plant Variety Rights Act of Aotearoa New Zealand. University of Technology Sydney: Australasian Intellectual Property Academics Conference, 16-18 Feb 2022.
  • Jefferson D. (2022) Premonitions of Privatisation: Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, and the Haunting of Public Science. Lisbon, Portugal: 2022 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association, 13-16 Jul 2022.
  • Jefferson D. (2022) Rangatiratanga and Taonga Plants: Towards a Plant Variety Rights System that Fulfils the Promises of Te Tiriti. University of Canterbury: Towards Tino Rangatiratanga in the Law - Treaty Partnership Speaker Series, 2 Aug 2022.
  • Jefferson D. (2022) Treasured relations: Towards partnership and the protection of Māori relationships with taonga plants in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Journal of World Intellectual Property http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/jwip.12226.
  • Beltrán-Morales LF., Almendarez-Hernández MA., Avilés-Polanco G. and Jefferson DJ. (2021) Effects of the utilization of intellectual property by scientific researchers on economic growth in Mexico. PLoS ONE 16(10 October) http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0258131.

PhD in Law (University of Queensland)
Juris Doctorate (University of California, Davis)
Master of Arts in Psychology (Suffolk University)


LAWS205 Land Law (co-taught with Elizabeth Toomey and Toni Collins)
LAWS314 Environmental Law, Policy and Society
LAWS330 Intellectual Property Law (co-taught with Olivia Erdelyi)